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Digitally created original photo.

Tayet is the ancient Egyptian goddess of weaving and the patron of weavers and those involved in the ritual of mummification.

This work is part of the "Lilith Redux" series celebrating the myth of Lilith and how she would not conform to the male-dominated belief system and has historically been labeled as a "demon" among other not-so-nice names.

This photo was created by taking an original photograph of one of my mannequins and manipulating it with photo editing. I then ran it through an AI generator and played with it some more to get the color and other effects I wanted. I had it printed on metal and is currently on display/for sale at Trackside Studios for $150. The print is sized at 11" x 17".

We can discuss the size of the print you desire and what medium on which you would like the work printed. Some options are photo paper, canvas, and my favorite: metal! I am also available for commissions; please contact me and we can discuss your project!

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