The Purpose of My Art

At the intersection of the tangible and the digital, my artistic exploration unfolds, weaving a narrative that embraces the complexity of womanhood. As a woman artist, I am drawn to the expressive potential of assemblage sculptures crafted from discarded female mannequins, giving life and voice to these silent figures that once stood as symbols of idealized beauty and fashion.

Through the tactile process of assemblage, I reimagine and repurpose these mannequins, infusing them with new stories and reclaiming their forms from the constraints of societal expectations. Each sculpture celebrates the multifaceted nature of femininity, an exploration of the strength, vulnerability, and resilience inherent in a woman's experience.

Where I capture and manipulate images of women to create visually evocative compositions is where my artistic journey extends into the digital realm. Through digital interventions, I challenge conventional notions of beauty, inviting viewers to question the authenticity of visual representation and the impact of media on our perceptions of self.

My art is an invitation to witness the transformation of the female form, both in the physicality of assemblage sculptures and the ethereal nature of digitally manipulated images. Through this dual exploration, I strive to empower women to embrace their individuality, challenge preconceptions, and celebrate the diverse and resilient spirit that defines the feminine experience.

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