My Art is now at Marquee!

My full-size mannequin assemblage sculptures may be found at Marquee Asheville (near St. Brighid's Bar), 36 Foundy Street in the River Arts District.


Brilliant Assemblage & Photography Artist in Asheville

Looking for inspiring, stunning assemblage sculptures and digital artwork? If you’re in the Asheville area, consider Ahdra Art for these and other artistic services. I work with assemblage sculptures and can also print your favorite Ahdra Artwork in different mediums, such as paper, canvas, and metal. Get in ...

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The Purpose of My Art

I have always been drawn to the provocative, edgy, controversial, and moved by the political environment and issues which impact our personal lives and the larger world; I create what I am attracted to and apply my personal experiences to the subject matter. My work strives to represent the connection and ...
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  • One-of-a-Kind Assemblage Sculptures


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How Can I Help?

Contact me with any questions​ about my assemblage sculpture and digital artwork pieces.

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River Arts District & Asheville & Beyond!

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