My Body Is Mine

My Body Is Mine

My Body Is Mine

In the figurative sculpture "My Body Is Mine", I infused layers of rustic patina onto a vintage female mannequin torso to make a profound declaration. The weathered exterior speaks to the passage of time and the transformative resilience of the feminine form. The deliberate choice of a worn aesthetic serves as a visual metaphor for the enduring strength and wisdom that accrue with the journey of self-discovery. Across the torso, the words "my body is mine" are inscribed boldly, echoing a resounding affirmation of autonomy and self-possession. Through the marriage of patina and proclamation, "My Body Is Mine" stands as a visual testament to the enduring spirit and self-authorship inherent in every woman's journey.

This is definitely a "statement" piece so . . . 

make a statement and include her in your home decor.

This work was created on a vintage (1980's) Adel Rootstein mannequin that was based on the model Jade Parfitt from the "Drama Divas" collection.

She is currently on display and for sale at Foundation Studios. If you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind figurative sculpture piece, please contact Foundation Studios or me.

If you purchase "My Body Is Mine" and live in the Asheville area I will deliver and set her up in your home for free. If you live within 200-250 miles of Asheville, I will deliver and set her up for a nominal fee not to exceed $250.

I am also available for commissions; please contact me and we can discuss your project!

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