The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian

In this evocative fugurative sculpture, a vintage female mannequin emerges as a silent sentinel draped in a black cowl, reminiscent of ancient mourning attire, and crowned with a hooded head covering. Two enigmatic faces peer forth from the piece, presenting a dual visage navigating the realms of the living and the spectral. The white face, mirroring the timeless elegance of vintage cemetery statuary, imparts an otherworldly quality to this guardian figure. "The Guardian" stands as a solemn tribute, inviting viewers to reflect on the mysterious role of sentinels and the delicate balance between the mortal and the immortal in our existence.

This piece was inspired by my love of gothic cemetery statuary. She exudes beauty, calm, and peace and would definitely be a wonderful addition to your home. 

She is currently on display and for sale at Foundation Studios and ready to adorn your home. If you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind figurative sculpture piece, please contact Foundation Studios or me. 

I am also available for commissions; please contact me and we can discuss your project!

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