What Lies Within

What Lies Within

What Lies Within

Vintage mannequin assmeblage sculpture. 

The most recent threats and assaults on the rights of women in the United States were a primary inspiration for this work; she may be beautiful on the outside yet a raging fire burns within! 

She was created from a vintage IDW (Lithuania) mannequin and stands 71" tall. I had digitally created photographs of River Arts District graffiti printed on large pieces of fabric. I then cut the fabric into small strips which I applied to her in overlapping and herringbone patterns.

She is currently on display and for sale at Foundation Studios. If you are interested in purchasing this assemblage piece, please contact Foundation Studios or me. 

If you purchase "What Lies Within" and live in the Asheville area I will deliver and set her up in your home for free. If you live within 200-250 miles of Asheville, I will deliver and set her up for a nominal fee not to exceed $250.

I am also available for commissions; please contact me and we can discuss your project!

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