Maria, A Tribute to Erte'

Maria, A Tribute to Erte'

Maria, A Tribute to Erte'

In homage to the iconic Art Deco artist Erte, a vintage female mannequin torso is transformed into a living canvas of opulence and grace. Adorned with a resplendent gold sequined vest and an intricately embellished headdress, this piece pays tribute to the timeless glamour and sophistication characteristic of Erte's iconic aesthetic. "Maria, a Tribute to Erte" is a visual symphony that transcends eras, celebrating the enduring allure of Erte's legacy and inviting viewers to revel in the opulent elegance of a bygone era, reimagined in this work.

She was created from a vintage mannequin wall-mount torso and would look absolutely fabulous in any home. I can visualize her in a grand foyer greeting guests as they arrive.

 She is currently on display and for sale at Foundation Studios and eager to go home with you!

If you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a--kind figurative sculpture piece, please contact Foundation Studios or me. 

I am also available for commissions; please contact me and we can discuss your project!

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